Airmedics is a family company that provides exceptional customer service. They welcome every customer as if they were a new integration to their family and are always eager to please their customers.
-Stephanie M.
Los Angeles, CA


Rene and Nelson were top cabin. They have installed 4 Mitsubishi units in my house and they are amazing with the install and the follow up. For one unit I hired another contractor, Prenell and the install a was OK?? but they sent an upgrade notice to the County property tax, give me a break . My wife hired Pernelll for her work and it was a nightmare A+++ to Airmedics.
-Richard D.
Topanga, CA


Rene is fabulous!!! Bless his heart. Have lived here in the valley for 50 years, Finally found an honest, decent, heating and air conditioning co. Do not waste your time with any other company!! Call him up and feel like a family member will be at your service!!
-Ted R.
Northridge, CA


These guys were great. Recommended by my neighbor, Marguarite. I got 6 other quotes; they weren't the cheapest but I'm glad I went with them. They installed a new heater/AC unit to replace an old heater-only unit. They got the permits from the city, helped get approval from the HOA, and they got a unit that qualified for a tax credit for energy savings. The unit is roof mounted so they had to do electrical work and get a crane. To reduce the cost, they worked with several of my neighbors to get some to replace their units too, so we could share the cost of the crane. NO problems, 18 months after installation. I'm happy, the building maintenance guy is happy, and so are all my neighbors! Thanks, Rene!
-Kimba L.
Redondo Beach, CA


I highly recommend Airmedics. The company is both professional, honest and a pleasure to work with.
-Ed Bender
Hollywood, CA


Very Reliable, Timely and care about about your problems and fix them in all kinds of conditions - For our Home and Business Will only call Airmedics Team Services.
-Joji Barris-Paster
Winnetka, CA


In the last 10 years we did 3 of our houses AC/Heater with Rene and Nelson. They did it very professionally. They really care about a "neat" appearance along with the best performance of the chosen unity system.
-Andrez Castilho
North Hollywood, CA